Homework Sheet Week 7



Name: ___________________________________        Week 7 October 12-16     





Monday- Computers

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- Music

Friday- Computers

Monday of next week- Library

Monday’s Parent Signature: ______________________________

Tuesday’s Parent Signature: ______________________________

Wednesday’s Parent Signature: ____________________________

Thursday’s Parent Signature: ______________________________

Friday’s Parent Signature: ________________________________

  • Yes, I have seen and helped them correct their homework. It is ready to be graded and if it is not a 3, please send it back so we can fix it for a new grade.
  • Comments/Questions can be written on the back of this sheet.


  • Monday- Dave’s Blueberry Muffin Top, Variety Jamwich, or Multi Grain Cheerios Cereal
  • Tuesday- Maple Bites, Variety Jamwich, or Cinnamon Chex Cereal
  • Wednesday- Tony’s Breakfast Pizza, Variety Pop Tart, or Lucky Charms Cereal
  • Thursday- Fiesta Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Variety Jamwich, or Cinnamon Chex Cereal
  • Friday- No School- Teacher Work Day
  • Monday of next week- Dave’s Crumb Cake, Variety Breakfast Bar, or Multi Grain Cheerios


  • Monday- Meatballs, Chicken Sandwich, or Yogurt Parfait
  • Tuesday- 3-Bean ‘n Beef Haystacks, Beef Rib-B-Q Sandwich, or Ham Salad
  • Wednesday- Popcorn Chicken, American Cheeseburger, or Yogurt Parfait & Jamwich
  • Thursday- Fernando’s Cheese Quesadilla, Hot Ham n’ Cheese Sandwich, or Taco Salad
  • Friday- No School. Teacher work day.
  • Monday of next week- Mini Pancakes, Egg & Sausage, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, or Yogurt Parfait

Reading (Monday-Friday)


  1. Read 20+ minutes and then write 5 sentences or more on the back of this sheet summarizing what you have read.


* 20 minutes a night will maintain your reading level at your current STAR testing level.

* If you read below grade level, you should increase your reading each night to bring your skills to current levels. Talk to teacher about the amount you should be reading and type of books.

* If you are reading above grade level, you probably already read more than 20 minutes nightly and should keep your current routines. If you would like more of a challenge, please contact teacher to set up an individual plan to do so.


Spelling List

  1. three- There are three runners on my relay team.
  2. scrap- I wrote on a scrap of paper.
  3. street- Does Matt live on your street?
  4. spring- Summer follows the spring.
  5. thrill- It was a thrill to meet him!
  6. scream- Gina tried not to scream during the scary movie.
  7. strange- Never pet a strange dog.
  8. throw- We don’t throw away anything that can be recycled.
  9. string- Sara helped Lee wind the kite string.
  10. scrape- I wear knee pads when I skate so I won’t scrape my knee.
  11. spray- You can spray water on the leaves of some plants to get rid of dust.
  12. threw- When Jackie threw the ball, her dog brought it back.
  13. strong- Exercise makes your heart and muscles strong.
  14. scratch- Our kittens sometimes play rough, but they never scratch.
  15. think- What did you think of the test?
  16. they- Rosa and Debbie said they went to camp.
  17. straight- Nick’s hair is straight, but his sister’s hair is curly.
  18. scramble- I’ll scramble some eggs.

Spelling: (Parents correct the homework and give them a grade of a 3 as it is completed, spelled correctly, and very nice penmanship. If it is not a 3, please have them redo the work until it is 3 quality.)


  1. Monday- Write words 5 times each.
  2. Tuesday- Write words in ABC order.
  3. Wednesday- Write 10 of the words in sentences. You pick the 10. Can copy the sentence examples above if having a hard time creating their own.
  4. Text Box: Important Dates to remember:
No school 10-16: Teacher work day
Parent teacher conferences 10-22 and 10-23

Thursday- Parents give a practice test and grade it. What they missed they need to write 10 times and retake the test with parents till mastered. Test Monday.

Contact information (Please Do Not Call My Home Phone Number.)


Mrs. Mellen … 3rd Grade Snake River Elementary

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Years of Experience: 20

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