Computer Class
Computer.pngMrs. Williams is our computer teacher at Snake River Elementary since January of 2015.  She has been teaching computer comfort and basic Microsoft programs since 2002 in 2 languages (English and Spanish).  Her first teaching experience with computers was in Paraguay.  She taught K-6 for 3 years.  She loved teaching Word 97 in Spanish.  In her own words, "It was cool to teach!"  Mrs. Williamson has also taught adults computer comfort and Social Media at Fort Collins library form 2009 to 2013 in English and Spanish.  Now you will find her sharing her knowledge with families here at Snake River.  We are very blessed to have her expertise and the children love going to computers to learn something new or be taught a new game with technology.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Williams if you have questions or just want to share something positive you are seeing with your child in their computer skills.

Academic Agenda for Each Grade Level

First grade
:  Learning games and computer comfort with basic names of general parts of the computer.

Second Grade
:  Spelling, basic math, some writing in Microsoft Word, computer comfort with the basic names of general parts of the computer.

Third Grade: Learning games, Microsoft Word, advance computer comfort (changing, moving, and organizing icons)

Fourth Grade: Learning games, internet, a little bit of research, Microsoft Word, saving documents, finding documents, and advanced computer comfort (changing, moving, and organizing icons).

Fifth Grade:  Research, internet, advanced computer comfort (changing, moving, and organizing icons), and Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Power Point, and Publisher).