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Boundaries:  It is important to stay in the boundaries of the playground for your safety.  Remember that the big tree and hill is as far as you may go in the distance of the grass area.  Do not go in the public baseball area by the barn.  The ditch is also off limits.  Stay in front of the pine tree by the big toy. Facing the rail road tracks, the left hand side of the playground is for K-2, while the right hand side of the playground is for grades 3-5.

Swings:  The swings are a great place to play if you want to relax and swing high into the air.  For your safety, please only sit in the swings and go in a front and back motion.  You should be facing the school building and holding onto the chains as you go higher.  We do not jump or twist in the swings.  You can swing as long as you want as long as there is not others who want a turn.  If you have to share, you get 30 swings before the next person gets your spot.

Slide:  Snake River has a wonderful slide that brings lots of smiles to the students.  Remember to always slide down properly which means sitting up and going down feet first.  You should wait your turn patiently until the person who just went moves out of the way.  We never climb the slide, throw things on the slide, or slide down different ways such as backwards, sideways, or on our stomach/backs.

Monkey bars:  Are monkey bars are a fantastic way to show off your strength in your arms and is a favorite among many students at Snake River.  The kids start on the green side and move across slowly waiting their turns.  We use it one at a time so their is never an issue of colliding, grabbing, or inappropriate playing.  It is also important to remember if you are going to let go and drop to the ground that there is no one below you.  When you drop you should also bend your knees to make the landing softer.  Never try to jump from the platform to the bars due to the injuries that could occur if you miss and fall to the ground on your stomach, back, or in an odd position.

4-Square: A lively game of bouncing a ball into a friends square and trying to bounce the ball in such a way that you might have your components miss bouncing it back to another player.  The king of the square game serves the ball to another player and it is the role of the other player to bounce the ball to another.  If the player misses the ball or if it goes out of the boxes/on the line, then the player is out and they rotate boxes.  The goal is to become the king of 4-square as long as you can.

Basketball:  Multiple basketball courts allows for several games to be going at once.  You will see games of horse, pig, 2 man basketball, or a team of students playing each other.

Wall Ball:  A fast pace game of throwing a tennis ball against the gym wall.  When playing, you must be careful that the ball doesn't come back and hit you by mistake.  It could be a painful experience if you are not watching what you are doing with the group of kids playing, but amazingly fun if you are fast on your feet and paying attention.

Football Field: Is located in the grass area to right and left of the soccer field.  Football is 2 hand touch only.  It is a game that has 2 teams.  The goal is to make a touchdown with the football.  The team with the most scores is the winner.

Soccer Field:  The soccer field is located between the 2 goal posts in the middle of the grass area.  It is a game that has 2 teams.  The goal is to score by kicking the ball inside the soccer goals which is guarded by a goalie.  the team with the most scores is the winner.

Baseball Field:  Also known as the kick ball field.  it is a game that requires 2 teams of students.  Enough students to have a picture, catcher; 3 basemen, and outfielders for both teams.  The object of the game is to pitch a ball to the hitter and the hitter is to hit the ball with a bat as hard as he/she can to try and get a home run.  The opposite team is trying to strike them out.  After 3 strikes, the teams switch positions and try again.  the team with the most scores wins the championship.

Kick ball Field
:  Located out by the  barn in the back of the playground field.  It is a game that requires 2 teams of students.  Enough students to have a picture, catcher, 3 basemen, and outfielders for both teams.  The object of the game is to kick the ball as hard as you can to run all the bases and score points.  The team who has the most points at the end of recess wins the glory of being the champion team.  Same rules as baseball.

Jump ropes:  Provided by classroom teachers. Lots of fun with silly rhymes and songs as they play on the black top together.

Big Toys:  The Big Toys are a favorite at recess times as kids love to use their imaginations and turn the toy into forts, spaceships, rockets, fancy cars, shopping malls, and ships.  Sometimes you will just see the kids sitting and sharing stories. 

Tag:  Played out in the grass area.  Two hand touch only.