Homework Sheet Week 12


Name: ___________________________________                       Week 12:  November 2-6     




Monday- PE

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- Music

Friday- PE

Monday of next week- Library

Monday’s Parent Signature: ______________________________

Tuesday’s Parent Signature: ______________________________

Wednesday’s Parent Signature: ____________________________

Thursday’s Parent Signature: ______________________________

Friday’s Parent Signature: ________________________________

  • Yes, I have seen and helped them correct their homework. It is ready to be graded and if it is not a 3, please send it back so we can fix it for a new grade.
  • Comments/Questions can be written on the back of this sheet.


 *  Monday- Dave’s Crumb Cake, Variety Jamwich, or Multi Grain Cheerios Cereal

  • Tuesday- Breakfast Pups, Variety Jamwich, or Cinnamon Chex Cereal
  • Wednesday- Tony’s Breakfast Pizza, Variety Pop Tart, or Lucky Charms Cereal
  • Thursday- Egg & Cheese Quesadilla, Variety Jamwich, or Cinnamon Chex Cereal
  • Friday- Apple Cinnamon Texas Toast, Variety Breakfast Bar, or Multi Grain Cheerios Cereal
  • Monday of next week- Dave’s Blueberry Muffin Top, Variety Breakfast Bar, or Multi Grain Cheerios



  • Monday- French Toast Sticks & Eggs, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, or Yogurt Parfait
  • Tuesday- Hot Dog, Beef Rib-B-Q Sandwich, or Ham Salad
  • Wednesday- Teriyaki Chicken, American Cheeseburger, or Yogurt Parfait
  • Thursday- Fish Sticks & Mac ‘n Cheese, Hot Ham n’ Cheese Sandwich, or Taco Salad
  • Friday- Pizza Crunchers, Chicken Burger, or Yogurt Parfait
  • Monday of next week- Meatballs w/Potatoes and Gravy, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, or Yogurt Parfait

Reading (Monday-Friday)


  1. Fluency Practice Page: Goal to read 110 words or more in one minute. Read it 7 times out loud for speed as parent’s time for one minute each time you read. If you want to read the whole page 7 times… even better.


  1. Read a chapter or 2 in your library book (about 20minutes or more). Please write a summary and reflection in your reading journal each day.


Math (Monday-Friday)

  1. Memorize 3 pattern (Should be done.).
  2. Memorize 4 pattern and flash cards.

0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48

  • Test on 3’s and 4’s this Friday.

Spelling List (Vowel Sounds in town)

  1. clown- the clown was very funny!
  2. round- Shall we bake a round or square cake?
  3. bow- The dancers took a bow after performing.
  4. cloud- that dark cloud means we’ll get rain soon.
  5. power- We used candles when the power went out.
  6. crown- The king’s crown was golden.
  7. thousand- More than one thousand people came to see the President.
  8. crowd- When the race started, the crowd cheered.
  9. sound- The baby likes the sound of his mother’s voice.
  10. count- Do you think it is hard to count by threes?
  11. powder- Dad used a hammer to crush the rock into a fine powder.
  12. blouse- Each girl in the choir wore a white blouse and dark pants.
  13. frown- A smile always makes more friends than a frown.
  14. pound- the recipe calls for a pound of flour.
  15. house- We moved from a house to an apartment.
  16. found- Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?
  17. mountain- The mountain is so tall that it takes all day to climb.
  1. coward- A coward is afraid to stand up for what is right.

Spelling: (Parents correct the homework and give them a grade of a 3 as it is completed, spelled correctly, and very nice penmanship. If it is not a 3, please have them redo the work until it is 3 quality.)


  1. Monday- Write words 5 times each.
  2. Tuesday- Write words in ABC order.
  3. Wednesday- Write 10 of the words in sentences. You pick the 10. Can copy the sentence examples above if having a hard time creating their own.
  4. Thursday- Parents give a practice test and grade it. What they missed they need to write 10 times and retake the test with parents till mastered.

 Text Box: Important Dates to remember:
1.	Finishing Conferences
2.	Free Eye Screening November 3

Contact information


Mrs. Mellen 3rd Grade Snake River Elementary

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BS Elementary Education K-8

Master Education: Curriculum & Instruction

Nationally Certified

Years of Experience: 20

Contact Information:

500 Stampede

Nampa, Id 83686

468-4614 ext.2427

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tmellen@nsd131.org (school)

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