Words Their Way: Syllables and Affixes Sorts (Progression Level 4)
Directions:  Put each word sort words on a small index card or piece of paper.  Mix up the words and then have your child categorize them.  Discuss.  Practice writing words in ABC order, drawing or acting out words, make a board game, etc.  Use your imagination and create games to help make spelling skills strong and have fun doing it.  It makes wonderful, positive memories of school, learning, and spelling. :-)

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Word Sort 1: Sound of ed
* trapped, mixed, stopped, chased, cracked, walked, asked, jumped
waited, dotted, patted, treated, traded, ended, handed, needed
* played, mailed, boiled, raised, tried, filled, seemed, yelled

Word Sort 2:  Plural Words (s and es)
* cows, chicks, farms, fences, gates, horses
* boxes, mixes, axes, foxes
* buses, glasses, dresses, passes, gases, guesses
* dishes, benches, watches, lashes, churches, ashes, brushes

Word Sort 3:  Plurals with y
* babies, carries, ponies, bodies, pennies, worries, daddies, berries, parties
* plays, monkeys, boys, trays, donkeys, enjoys, turkeys, valleys

Word Sort 4: Base words + ed and ing
* jump, hike, dress, wait, stop, pass, live, wag
* jumped, hiked, dressed, waited, stopped, passed, lived, wagged
* jumping, hiking, dressing, waiting, stopping, passing, living, wagging

Word Sort 5: Adding ing (double and e-drop)
* batting, shopping, bragging, hopping, humming, begging, skipping, swimming
* baking, skating, biting, hoping, sliding, waving, moving, caring

Word Sort 6:  Adding ed (double, nothing)
* slipped, grabbed, stopped, wagged, tripped, knotted, rubbed, whizzed
* picked, called, tracked, peeled, watched, cheered, talked, dreamed
* traded, baked, wasted, liked, stared, waved, skated, tasted

Word Sort 7:  Adding ing (double, e-drop, nothing)
* trimming, running, popping dragging, wagging, quitting
* diving, riding, sliding, driving, wasting, whining
* pushing, jumping, finding, kicking, wanting, munching
* floating, raining, sleeping, boating, waiting, cheering
* mixing, taxing (oddball words that don't follow typical rules)

Word Sort 8:  past Tense Verbs
* kneel, teach, bring, deal, sweep, send, think, lend, drink
* knelt, taught, brought, dealt, swept, sent, thought, lent, drank

* chase, mix, walk, bake, shop
* chased, mixed, walked, baked, shopped

Word Sort 9:  Compound Words
* landfill, homeland, wasteland, landlord, landslide, landscape, landmark, mainland
* downtown, downstairs, lowdown, downcast, downfall, downpour, breakdown, countdown
* backyard, backbone, backpack, backward, bareback, flashback, piggyback, paperback
* homework, homemade, hometown, homeroom, homesick

Word Sort10:  VCCV at Juncture (same/different)
* button sunny, yellow, happy, happen, sitting, fellow, matter
* market, garden, signal, member, basket, center, plastic, tablet

Word Sort 11: Syllable Juncture (VCCV, open VCV)
* tablet, napkin, happen, winter, foggy, tennis, sudden, fossil
* baby, human, music, fever, silent, duty, writer, rival

Word Sort 12:  VCV Open and Closed
* meter, human, secret, paper, lazy, even, major, climate, crater, clover, bacon
* petal, rapid, punish, magic, shiver, comet, river, clever, proper, liquid
* water, busy (oddball words for the rule)

Word Sort 13:  Closed VCCV/Open VCV
* funny, summer, pretty, dollar, butter, gossip, letter, patern
* picture, expert, until, forget, napkin, canyon, sister, army, number
* pilot, navy, nature, music, spoken, frozen, spider, student

Word Sort 14: Closed/Open with Endings
* sadden, chipped, matted, scarred, winner, biggest, running
* dusting, rented, helping, sifted, faster, longest, walker
* sliding, shining, named, scaring, rider, tamest, moping

Word Sort 15:  VCC/CV, VC/CCV, and V/V
* athlete, pumpkin, English, kingdom, mushroom, halfway
* pilgrim, control, complete, children, monster, kitchen, hundred
* create, poet, riot, trial, lion, diet
* cruel (oddball word for the rules)

Word Sort 16: le and el
* fable, angle, little, rattle, settle, cattle, nibble, turtle, table, middle
* camel, angel, model, gravel, motel, bushel, level, pretzel, travel
* pencil, journal (oddball words for the rule)

Word Sort 17:  er, ar, or
* bigger, freezer, dreamer, faster, blister, jogger, speaker, skater, smaller
* burglar, grammar, collar, dollar, lunar, solar
* doctor, favor, author, editor, tractor, motor, mayor

Word Sort 18:  er, ar, or
* Comparatives:  sweeter, thinner, smarter, slower, younger, gentler, steeper, cheaper
* Agents:  worker, teacher, waiter, voter, actor, beggar, barber, skater
* things: cellar, meter, river, pillar, anchor, vapor, trailer, flower

Word Sort 19:  Final en/on/in/ain
* broken, hidden, heaven, chosen, children, eleven
* dragon, weapon, apron, ribbon, gallon, cotton
* cousin, cabin, napkin, pumpkin
* mountain, captain, fountain, curtain, certain

Word Sort 20:  Unaccented First Syllables
* again, away, another, aloud, agree, afraid, awoke
* decide, design, defend, debate, depend
* beyond, begin, between, behave, before, beside

Word Sort 21:  /j/ Sound
* carriage, voyage, message, postage, village, storage, sausage, savage, courage
* budget, agent, angel, gorgeous, danger, legend, pigeon, dungeon, gadget
* magic, engine, region, fragile, margin, logic

Word Sort 22:  Changing y to i
* cry, hurry, party, empty, baby, reply, supply, carry, fry
* cries, hurries, parties, empties, babies, replies, supplies, carries, fries
* cried, hurried, partied, emptied, babied, replied, supplied, carried, fried

Word Sort 23:  y Words by Part of Speech
* Verb:  try, certify, apply, occupy, rely
* Noun:  celery, candy, gypsy, quarry, country, cemetery, category, copy
* Adjective:  happy, pretty, guilty, angry, silly
* Adverb:  happily, correctly, clearly, safely, horribly, hourly, certainly, sensibly

Word Sort 24:  Stress in Homographs
* Nouns: record, protest, conduct, subject, extract, permit, insert, desert, rebel, combat, conflict
* Verb: record, protest, conduct, subject, extract, permit, insert, desert, rebel, combat, conflict

Word Sort 25: Long u in Stressed Syllable
* bugle, future, ruby, rumor, tulip, tuna, tutor, super, pupil, ruler
* amuse, compute, confuse, reduce, perfume, pollute, salute, excuse, abuse, include

Word Sort 26: Patterns for Long a
* debate, mistake, amaze, parade, engage, bracelet, estate, secape
* explain, dainty, trainer, complain, acquaint, raisin, refrain, painter
* layer, dismay, payment, crayons, hooray, decay, betray

Word Sort 27:  Patterns for Long u and o
* rooster, cartoon, scooter, balloon, noodle
* useful, refuse, amuse, reduce, conclude, pollute, perfume
* toaster, oatmeal, approach, loafer, rowboat, goalie
* suppose, decode, remote, erode, tadpole, lonesome, explode

Word Sort 28:  Patterns for Long e and i
* needle, succeed, fifteen, thirteen, canteen, steeple
* reason, eager, increase, defeat, season, conceal
* polite, decide, advice, invite, surprise, survive
* highway, lightning, delight, tonight, resign
* sweater, believe (oddball words for pattern)

Word Sort 29:  Diphthongs in Multisyllable Words
* moisture, appoint, poison,turquoise, moisten,  pointless, broiler, embroider, rejoice, noisy, avoid, pointed
* joyful, boycott, royal, soybean, oyster, voyage, annoy, enjoy, destroy, employ

Word Sort 30:  More Diphthongs
* country, council, lousy, fountain, mountain, scoundrel, counter, around, bounty, mouthful
* flower, allow, brownie, vowel, shower,  towel, tower, chowder, coward, drowsy, powder, power
* double (oddball word for this group)

Word Sort 31:  Spelling the er Sound in Stressed and Unstressed Syllables
* certain, person, thirsty, service, hurry, turkey
* reverse, observe, alert, prefer, emerge
* surprise, perhaps, survive, surround
* lantern, concert,modern, western, govern

Word Sort 32: Words with ure and er (ture, sure, cher)
* capture, creature, fracture, mixture, pasture, texture, future, nature
* measure, treasure, pleasure, closure, leisure
* archer, butcher, preacher, stretcher, teacher, rancher
* injure, failure (oddball words for this group)

Word Sort 33:  Prefixes
* unfair,unable, uncover, unkind, undress, unplug, unequal, uneven, unpack, unusual
* retell, replay, retrain, return, reuse, research, regain, reword, rebuild, remodel
* disagree, disappear, disgrace, disarm, disorder, disobey, disable, displaced, disloyal, dishonest

Word Sort 34: More Prefixes
* preschool, preview, prevent, preheat, prefix, prepare, predict
* explode, exceed, expose, explore, exile, expand, exclain
* misspell, mistreat, misplace, misuse, misbehave, mistake

Word Sort 35:  Number Prefixes
* unicycle, unison, unicorn, unique, uniform, universe
* bicycle, biweekly, bisect, bilingual, biplane, bifocals
* tricycle, trilogy, triangle, tripod, triple, trio, triplets

Word Sort 36:  Suffixes
* sunny, rainy, foggy, guilty, bossy, dirty, messy, wordy
* slowly, quickly, sadly, calmly, bravely, hardly, strangely, weekly
* happily, angrily, nosily, busily, drily, daintily, gaily, greedily

Word Sort 37:  More Suffixes
* darkness, kindness, illness, weakness, freshness, hardness, blindness
* harmless, fearless, homeless, restless, ageless, mindless, helpless
* colorful, faithful, dreadful, thankful, thoughtful, painful