Word Their Way: Compound Words by Common Base Words
Directions:  Put each word sort words on a small index card or piece of paper.  Mix up the words and then have your child categorize them. Discuss.  Practice writing words in ABC order, drawing or acting out words, make a board game, etc.  Use your imagination and create games to help make spelling skills strong and have fun doing it.  It makes wonderful, positive memories of school, learning, and spelling. :-)

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Word List 1:
aircraft, airline, airmail, airplane, airport, airtight, anybody, anymore, anyone, anyplace, anything, anywhere, backboard, backbone, backfire, background, backpack, backward, backyard, bareback, feedback, flashback, hatchback, paperback, piggyback

Word List 2:
bathrobe, bathroom, bathtub, birdbath, bedrock, bedroom, beside, bedspread, bedtime, flatbed, hotbed, sickbed, waterbed, birthday, birthmark, birthplace, birthstone, childbirth

Word List 3:
blackberry, blackbird, blackboard, blackmail, blacksmith, blacktop, bookcase, bookkeeper, bookmark, bookworm, checkbook, cookbook, scrapbook, textbook

Word List 4:
buttercup, butterfly, buttermilk, butterscotch, doorbell, doorknob, doorman, doormat, doorstep, doorway, backdoor, outdoor,

Word List 5:
downcast, downhill, download, downpour, downright, downsize, downstairs, downstream, downtown, breakdown, countdown, sundown, touchdown

Word List 6:
eyeball, eyebrow, eyeglasses, eyelash, eyelid, eyesight, eyewitness, shuteye, firearm, firecracker, firefighter, firefly, firehouse, fireman, fireplace, fireproof, fireside, firewood, fireworks, backfire, bonfire, campfire

Word List 7:
football, foothill, foothold, footlights, footnote, footprint, footstep, footstool, barefoot, tenderfoot, grandchildren, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, grandson

Word List 8:
haircut, hairdo, hairdresser, hairpin, hairstyle, handbag, handball, handbook, handcuffs, handmade, handout, handshake, handspring, handstand, handwriting, backhand, firsthand, secondhand, underhand

Word List 9:
headache, headband, headdress, headfirst, headlight, headline, headlong, headmaster, headphones,headquarters, headstart, headstrong, headway, airhead, blockhead, figurehead

Word List 10:
homeland, homemade, homemaker, homeroom, homesick, homespun, homestead, homework, horseback, horsefly, horseman, horseplay, horsepower, horseshoe, racehorse, sawhorse

Word List 11:
houseboat, housefly, housewife, housework, housetop, birdhouse, clubhouse, doghouse, greenhouse, townhouse

Word List 12:
landfill, landlady, landlord, landmark, landscape, landslide, dreamland, farmland, homeland, highland, wasteland, homeland, highland, wasteland, wonderland

Word List 13:
lifeboat, lifeguard, lifejacket, lifelike, lifelong, lifestyle, lifetime, nightlife, wildlife, lighthouse, lightweight, daylight, flashlight, headlight, moonlight, spotlight, sunlight

Word List 14:
mailman, doorman, snowman, fireman, gentleman, handyman, policeman, salesman, nightfall, nightgown, nightmare, nighttime

Word List 15:
 overnight, outbreak, outcast, outcome, outcry, outdated, outdo, outdoors, outfield, outfit, outgrow, outlaw, outline, outlook, outnumber, outpost, outrage, outright, outside, outsmart, outwit, blowout, carryout, cookout, handout, hideout, workout, lookout

Word List 16:
overall, overboard, overcast, overcome, overflow, overhead, overlook, overview, playground, playhouse, playmate, playpen, playroom, playwright

Word List 17:
rainbow, raincoat, raindrop, rainfall, rainstorm, roadblock, roadway, roadwork, railroad

Word List 18:
sandbag, sandbar, sandbox, sandpaper, sandpiper, sandstone, seacoast, seafood, seagull, seaman, seaport, seasick, seashore, seaside, seaweed, snowball, snowflake, snowman, snowplow, snowshoe, snowstorm

Word List 19:
somebody, someone, someday, somehow, somewhere, something, sometime, underline, undergo, underground, undermine, underwater

Word List 20:
watercolor, waterfall, watermelon, waterproof, saltwater, windfall, windmill, windpipe, windshield, windswept, downwind, headwind