Words Their Way: a patterns in Stressed Syllables
Directions:  Put each word sort words on a small index card or piece of paper.  Mix up the words and then have your child categorize them. Discuss.  Practice writing words in ABC order, drawing or acting out words, make a board game, etc.  Use your imagination and create games to help make spelling skills strong and have fun doing it.  It makes wonderful, positive memories of school, learning, and spelling. :-)

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Word List 1: Long a VCV open Accent in 1st
* baby, nation, vapor, skater, lazy, bacon wafer, raven, famous, fatal, navy, basic, flavor, data, crater,  savor, raking, labor, vacant, radar, hazel
* any, many, water (oddball words for this list)

Word List 2: Long a Accent in 1st
* rainbow, painter, raisin, railroad, daisy, dainty, sailor, straighten, failure, tailor, waiter, traitor, mailbox, maybe, player, crayon, mayor, player, crayon, mayor
* payment, prayer, layer, crayfish, bracelet, pavement, basement, baseball, grateful, graceful, safety, statement, wakeful, mayhem, painless, ailment
* again, captain, bargain, postage (oddball words for this list)

Word List 3: Long a Accent in 2nd
* complain, contain, explain, remain, terrain, exclaim, refrain, campaign, regain, obtain, maintain, decay, dismay, delay, portray, mistake, parade
* amaze, replace, dictate, crusade, debate, behave, cascade, escape, disgrace, erase, essay, foray, invade, insane, sustain, betray, evade, disdain
* obey, survey (Oddball words for this list)

Word List 4:  Short a in VCCV Accent in 1st
* attic, hammer, batter, happen, mammal, valley, cabbage, traffic, pattern, scatter, ballot, daddy, gallop, massive, napkin, basket
* fabric, plastic, master, cactus, chapter, canyon, capture, tadpole, ambush, lantern, scamper, canvas, package, tablet, lather