Words Their Way: Greek Roots
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Word List 1:  aer (meaning: air)
aerate, aerial, aerobics, aerodynamic, aeronautics, aerosol, aerospace

Word List 2: arch (meaning: rule, chief)
monarchy, anarchy, archangel, archbishop, archetype, architect, hierarchy, matriarch, patriarch

Word List 3: aster, astr (meaning: star)
aster, asterisk, asteroid, astrology, astronomy, astronaut, astronomical, astrophysics, disaster

Word List 4: bi, bio (meaning: life)
biology, biography, autobiography, biopsy, symbiotic, biodegradable, antibiotic, amphibious, biochemistry

Word List 5: centr (meaning: center)
center, central, egocentric, ethnocentric, centrifuge, concentric, concentrate, eccentric

Word List 6: chron (meaning: time)
chronic, chronicle, chronological, synchronize, anachronism

Word List 7: cosm (meaning: world)
cosmic, cosmology, cosmonaut, cosmopolitan, cosmos, microcosm

Word List 8: crat (meaning: rule)
democrat, plutocrat, bureaucrat, idiosyncratic, technocrat

Word List 9: crit (meaning: judge)
critic, criticize, critique, criterion, diacritical, hypocrite

Word List 10: cycl (meaning: circle)
cycle, bicycle, cyclone, tricycle, unicycle, recycle, motorcycle, cyclical, encyclopedia

Word List 11: dem (meaning: people)
demagogue, democracy, demographics, endemic, epidemic, epidemiology

Word List 12: derm (meaning: skin)
dermatologist, epidermis, hypodermic, pachyderm, taxidermist, dermatitis

Word List 13: geo (meaning: earth)
geology, geophysics, geography, geothermal, geocentric, geode

Word List 14: gram (meaning: to write)
diagram, program, telegram, anagram, cryptogram, epigram, grammar, monogram

Word List 15: graph (meaning: to write)
graph, paragraph, autograph, digraph, graphics, topography, biography, bibliography, calligraphy, choreographer, videographer, ethnography, phonograph, seismograph, lexicographer

Word List 16: homo (meaning: same)
homophone, homograph, homogeneous

Word List 17: hydra (meaning: water)
hydra, hydrant, hydrate, hydrogen , hydraulic, hydroelectric, hydrology, hydroplane, hydroponics, anhydrous, hydrangea, hydrophobia

Word List 18: logo (meaning: word, reason)
logic, catalogue, dialogue, prologue, epilogue, monologue

Word List 19: logy (meaning: study)
biology, geology, ecology, mythology, pathology, psychology, sociology, theology, genealogy, etymology, technology, zoology

Word List 20: meter (meaning: measure)
centimeter, millimeter, diameter, speedometer, thermometer, tachometer, altimeter, barometer, kilometer

* More lists coming soon. :-)