Words Their Way: R-Influenced Vowels
Directions:  Put each word sort words on a small index card or piece o fpaper.  Mix up the words and then have your child categorize them. Discuss.  Practice writing words in ABC order, drawing or acting out words, make a board game, etc.  Use your imagination and create games to help make spelling skills strong and have fun doing it.  It makes wonderful, positive memories of school, learning, and spelling. :-)


Word List 1: ar
far, car, jar, star, card, hard, yard, art, part, cart, bar, arm, harm, dark, park, spark, yarn, dart, start, bark, shark, lark, scar, mar, barb, harp, sharp, snarl, scarf, charm, arch, march, smart, chart

Word List 2: ar + e
* carve, large, starve, barge, charge
* are, war, warm (Oddball words for this list)

Word List 3: are
care, bare, dare, share, stare, mare, flare, glare, rare, scare, hare, share, blare, fare, square

Word List 4: air
fair, hair, pair, stair, flair, chair, lair

Word List 5: ear /ee/
ear, near, hear, dear, year,fear, tear, clear, beard, gear, spear, shear, smear

Word List 6: eer
deer, cheer, steer, queer, jeer, sneer, peer

Word List 7: er
her, fern, herd, jerk, term, germ, stern, herb, per, perk, perch, clerk, nerve, serve, verse, swerve

Word List 8: ear (schwa sound)
heard, earth, learn, earn, search, pearl, yearn

Word List 9: Oddball r-influenced vowel words
very, their, there, were, here, where, heart, ear, wear, swear, pear, hearth

Word List 10: ur
burn, hurt, turn, curl, curb, burst, church, churn, surf, purr, burr, blur, lurch, lurk, spur, hurl, blurt, curve

Word List 11: ir
girl, first, bird, dirt, stir, sir, shirt, skirt, third, birth, firm, swirl, twirl, chirp, squirt, thirst, squirm

Word List 12: ire
fire, tire, wire, hire, sire

Word List 13: ure
sure, cure, pure, lure

Word List 14: ier
drier, pliers, flier, crier

Word List 15: or
or, for, born, corn, horn, worn, cord, cork, pork, fort, short, nor, ford, lord, storm, porch, torch, force, north, horse, forth, scorn, chord, forge, gorge

Word List 16: ore
more, store, shore, bore, chore, score, sore, before, wore, tore, swore

Word List 17: our
* your, four, pour, mourn, court, fourth, guard, source, course
* our, flour, hour, scour, sour (Oddballs for this list)

Word List 18: oar
roar, soar, boar, coarse, hoarse, board

Word List 19: w + ar
warn, war, ward, wharf, quart, swarm, warp, wart, warn

Word List 20: w + or
work, word, world, worm, worth, worse