December Weekly News
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December 1
This months fluency goals in reading:
1.  Read 110 words per minute with a 3.5 text or higher.
2.  Master the 6 Sitton Fluency Lists
Update:  Congrats to the students who are meeting their fluency goals of reading 110 words per minute with a 3.5 text or higher.  Please watch for their reward certificate coming soon. You are all doing so amazing!  I'm very, very proud of you.   Keep reading and encouraging the other students to meet the goal and "cross the finish line" with you!  Thanks!

December 2
This months comprehension skills goals in reading:
1.  Read 3.5 text or higher with ability to answer comprehension questions at 80%-100% independently.
2.  Master the comprehension skill of summarizing and reflection.
3.  Ask questions for clarification of vocabulary words in featured text.

December 3
This months reading goals:
1.  Read 15+ hours independently and earn their Reading Ready Certificate and Independent Reading certificate through book studies.
Update:  Congrats to the 8 students who just got their Reading Ready certificates!  Keep reading to get your next level certificate.  Encourage your classmates to read the amazing stories you just read.

December 5
* If you are currently reading 100 words per minute, you should be able to reach your end goal of 110 words per minute by December 31st. If not, do not worry.  We still have plenty of time to still master our goal after Christmas break. Being able to read the provided Sitton lists will help.  Also the ability to read a short story (2-3 paragraphs) out loud repeatedly over the remaining weeks.  Please make sure the level of books you are reading are appropriate for your ability.  Your goal is 3.5 level or higher.  Some have reached that goal, so please continue to choose 4th grade or higher text.  Some have not reached that goal.  Please choose books at about the 3.0 ability.  If this still to hard, please contact me for wisdom on the book to read.  Thanks!

December 6
* Keep practicing your spelling each night with your parents to increase your spelling, phonics, and fluency skills.  Way to go on your last test.  So many of you had 100% or close to those scores.  Yipee!!

December 7
* This months math goals:
1.  Master all multiplication facts 0-12.
2.  Master all division facts.
* Check out the new reading links that help students build their background knowledge, vocabulary, and comprehension skills for studying theme.

December 8
This months spelling goals:
1.  Work nightly with parents to master spelling skill of the week.
2.  Pass their Friday spelling test with 100% mastery.

December 10
* Letter going home about candy house project next week.  Thank you in advance for all the help.

Christmas Break Begins soon!