November Weekly News
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November (Thanksgiving Week)
* No Homework this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

November (Colonial Day)
*Please bring the following for colonial day:  ink, feathers, cups,toothpicks, fabric, whipping cream, jars, fabric, food, plates, andcups.
*  Students will experience a day of learning centers exploring history through hands on activities.

Follow up- Nov. 2015:
A special thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and family members that sent the supplies we needed.  Without your help, we would not have been able to make such a wonderful learning experience in history today.  The kids enjoyed learning how to write with ink and feathers;make butter; build log cabins; make bonnets and colonial hats;  make quilt art; and build colonial toys.  The feast they prepared was delicious and included rolls, homemade butter, veggies, pies, olives,cheese, and strawberry jam.  Yummy!!

November (PJ/Junk Food Day Reward Party)
* Please bring the following if you wish:  pj's, junk food, blanket, pillow, and a good book to read. 
*This reward party was earned by working as a team to be Ready,Responsible, and Respectful at Snake River.  The worked daily on using their CHAMP behavior. 

Follow up- Nov. 2015:
A special thank you to all the students and parents for making this event extra special.  We enjoyed learning in our pajamas today while we learned more about the joy of Thanksgiving.  Thank you parents for letting them bring their blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, and treats.  The laughter and smiles filled the room all day long.  They even went above and beyond to help clean up the room so the custodian wouldn't have to work as hard to clean up our mess.  What kindness and thoughtfulness.  You would be very proud.  I know I was very proud of them.  After math and language arts,the kids made winter art for their families, school, and community(senior center).  The little snowy log cabins  and Thanksgiving turkeys they drew and put in the homemade picture frames were a hug success. The one given to Mrs. Reynolds, our principal, brought a very big smile to her face.

* Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Mellen's Class and Families!  My family sends you warm wishes and a day full of thankfulness and happy memories!  Enjoy!

Follow up:
It was fun having the kids share their Thanksgiving stories through our Weekend Adventure writing activity.  They really had a wonderful holiday with their families.  Thank you parents for making this holiday so special to them this year.

*Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break!