Christmas Day Party-December
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Supplies Needed for Story Time (December 18th)

1.  blankets, pillows, pj's, and stuffed animal (Each student may bring their own.)
2.  board games: checkers, chess, Candyland, Monopoly, Sorry, Uno, etc.
3.  Christmas or winter books

Supplies Needed (by Dec. 11th) for Candy Houses
1.  regular gram crackers (10 boxes)
2.  white Frosting (10 cans)
3.  mini and regular sized candy canes
4.  candy:  gumdrops, Smarties, Skittles, etc.
5.  shaved coconuts
6.  marshmallows
7.  paper plates
8. plastic knives
9.  spinkles

Supplies Needed for Party Time:
1.  cupcakes, brownies
2.  candy
3.  juice
4.  paper cups, paper plates, napkins
5.  paper bags to send home extra food

Supplies Needed for December Crafts:
1.  glitter
2.  pipecleaners
3.  wire hangers
4.  white (and a variety of colors) tissue paper
5.  tempera paint and paint brushes
6.  Christmas/Winter stickers/stamps and ink
7.  yarn
8.  toilet paper rolls and paper rolls
9.  tin foil