Words Their Way: Derivational Relations Sorts (Progression Level 5)
Directions:  Put each word sort words on a small index card or piece of paper.  Mix up the words and then have your child categorize them.  Discuss.  Practice writing words in ABC order, drawing or acting out words, make a board game, etc.  Use your imagination and create games to help make spelling skills strong and have fun doing it.  It makes wonderful, positive memories of school, learning, and spelling. :-)


Word Sort 1:  Adding Suffixes (words ending in ct + -ion)
* act, distinct, select, extinct, predict, subtract, contract, affect
* action, distinction, selection, extinction, prediction, subtraction, contraction, affection

Word Sort 2:  Adding Suffixes  (words ending in ss + -ion)
* express, impress, process, depress, success, profess, discuss
* expression, impression, procession, depression, succession, profession, discussion

Word Sort 3:  Adding Suffixes (e-Drop + -ion)
* educate, congratulate, create, decorate, generate, imitate, fascinate, complicate, separate
* education, congratulation, creation, decoration generation, imitation, fascination, complication, separation

Word Sort 4:  Adding Suffixes (e-Drop + -ion)
* induce, introduce, produce, deduce, reproduce, reduce
* induction, introduction, production, deduction, reproduction, reduction

Word Sort 5:  Adding Suffixes (e-Drop + -ion)
* repulse, convulse, repulse
* expulsion, convulsion, repulsion

Word Sort 6: Adding Suffixes (-sion and Spelling Changes)
* commit, transmit, permit, emit, omit, regret, remit
* commission, transmission, permission, emission, omission, regression, remission

Word Sort 7:  Adding Suffixes (-sion and Spelling Changes)
* explode, collide, conclude, persuade, erode, delude, include, divide, intrude
* explosion, collision, conclusion, persuasion, erosion, delusion, inclusion, division, intrusion

Word Sort 8:  Adding Suffixes (e-Drop + -action or -ition)
* admire, determine, explore, combine, declare, inspire, organize, examine, perspire
*admiration, determination, exploration, combination, declaration, inspiration, organization, examination, perspiration

Word Sort 9:  Adding Suffixes (e-Drop + -action or -ition)
* compose, define, dispose, oppose, expose, decompose
* composition, definition, disposition, opposition, exposition, decomposition

Word Sort 10: Adding Suffixes (-ible and -able)
* dependable, expendable, breakable, agreeable, predictable, remarkable, readable, profitable, perishable, punishable, laughable
* audible, edible, visible, feasible, terrible, possible, legible, plausible, horrible, tangible, credible

Word Sort 11:  Adding Suffixes (-able after e)
* presumable, desirable, usable, loveable, deplorable, comparable, excusable
* changeable, manageable, peaceable, serviceable, noticeable
* navigable, amicable, despicable, impeccable, applicable

Word Sort 12: Adding Suffixes (Assimilated Prefix Sort)
* compound, conform, colleague, compact, context, correlate, constrain
* adverse, affair, affront, assemble, affirm, arrange, acclaim, admit
* inactive, irresponsible, immature, irrational, immortal, illogical, innumerable, illegal

Word Sort 13:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long a to Short a)
* cave, humane, nation, volcano, grave, nature, insane, flame, profane
* captivity, humanity, national, volcanic, gravity, natural, insanity, flammable, profanity

Word sort 14:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long a to Schwa)
* major, narrate, relate, famous, able, native, educate, proclaim, stable
* majority, narrative, relative, infamous, ability, nativity, educable, proclamation, stability

Word Sort 15:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long e to Short e)
* serene, brief, proceed, recede, succeed, conceive, receive
* serenity brevity, procession, recession, succession, conception, reception

Word Sort 16:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long e to Schwa)
* compete, repeat, remdial
* competition, repetition, remedy

Word Sort 17:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long i to Short i)
* resign, sign, divine, divide, revise, deride, criticize, arise
* resignation signal, divinity, division, revision, derision, criticism, arisen

Word Sort 18:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long i to Schwa)
* invite, define, reside, recite, deprive, admire, inspire, preside
* invitation, definition, resident, recitation, deprivation, admiration, inspiration, president

Word Sort 19:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long to Short)
* induce, seduce, reduce, produce, telescope, microscope, prescribe
* induction, seduction, reduction, production, telescopic, microscopic, prescription

Word Sort 20:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Long to Schwa)
* compose, propose, impose, expose, harmonious, compete, serene
* composition, proposition, imposition, exposition, harmony, competition, serenity

Word Sort 21:  Vowel Alternations in Related Pairs (Schwa to Short)
* metal, brutal, local, spiritual, vital, fatal, total, final, original
* metallic, brutality, locality, spirituality, vitality, fatality, totality, finality, originality

Word Sort 22:  Sorting by Roots (Latin Stems- when putting into sorts, only compare 3 or 4 starred groups at a time) Example Sorts... See Latin Root Page for more words to sort.
* judge, adjudicate, judgement, judicial, prejudice, judicious,prejudicial, judiciary
* traction, contract, attract, intractable, subtraction, tractor, contraction, protractor, distraction
* suspect, spectator, inspector, spectacles, disrespect, expectation, circumspect
* visual, visionary, vision,vista, visible, revise, television, supervise
* formulate, uniform, reform, transform, deformed, nonconformist
* credit, incredible, discredit, creed, credulous, accredit
* portable, porter, reporter, portfolio, export, import
* dictate, contradict, prediction, verdict, dictionary, dictator, diction
* conduct, induct, educate, introduction, produce, reduce, induction
* fertile, refer, transfer, suffer, conifer, conference
* pressure, express, depression, suppress, impression, oppressive
* respiration, spirit, expire, perspire, inspiration, conspire

Word Sort 23: Sorting by Roots (Greek Roots)- Example Sort. See Greek Root page for more lists to sort.
* autograph, automatic, autobiography, autonomy, automobile, autonomous
* telegram, telepathy, telegraph, televise, telephone, teleconference

Word Sort 24:  Sorting by Roots (Greek and Latin Science Vocabulary Sort)
* astro:  astronomer, astronaut, astrology, astrolabe
* bio: biology, biome, biosphere, biotic
* chlor: chlorophyll, chloroplast, chlorine, chlorella
* eco: ecology, economy, ecosystem, ecotype
* hydro: hypodermis, hypodermic, hypothermia, hypotension
* photo/phos: phosphorescent, photography, telephoto
* vor: voracious, omnivore, carnivore