Words their Way: Within Word Pattern Sorts (Progression Level 3)
Directions:  Put each word sort words on a small index card or piece of paper.  Mix up the words and then have your child categorize them.  Discuss.  Practice writing words in ABC order, drawing or acting out words, make a board game, etc.  Use your imagination and create games to help make spelling skills strong and have fun doing it.  It makes wonderful, positive memories of school, learning, and spelling. :-)

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Word Sort 1 : Short/Long a
* hat, jack, ask, slap, fast, lamp, flag, pass, path, glad
* name, date, race, plane, cape, page, same, safe, gave, gate
* have, what (Odd ball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 2: Short/Long a
* cap, last, plan, sat, flat, tax
* lake, wave, late, tape, bake, base, shade, made, maze, sale
* rain, wait, nail, gain, fail, pail, plain, sail

Word Sort 3: Long a Patterns
* same, whale, flake, grape, stage, grade, chase, shave, tale, waste
* mail, pain, train, paid, brain, snail, chain, tail, waist
* day, say, play, may, pay, stay, clay

Word Sort 4:  Short/Long e
* well, step, west, men, bed, help, belt
* week, peel, weed, peek, speed, keep, pee
* she, he, we, me

Word Sort 5: Short/Long e
* best, left, neck, bell, bled, yet
* green, wheel, sheet, need, bleed, teeth, creep, speed
* mean, team, deal, reach, beach, steam, clean, bean
* been, head (Oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 6: Short/Long e
* mess, rest, bell, kept, nest, shell, vest
* head, dead, deaf, breath, death, dread, bread
* neat, meal, speak, meat, treat, sneak, heat

Word Sort 7: Short/Long i
* dish, chip, king, whip, twin, miss, pink, rich
* hike, ride, ripe, nice, white, dime, fine, life
* give, live (Oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 8: Short/Long i
* clip, win, trick, gift list, mit, thick, swim
* mine, price, spine, lime, wife, vine, five
* try, fly, shy, why, sky, dry
* eye, buy, bye (Oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 9: Short/Long 0
* lock, odd, crop, shot, clock, shock, knob, slot
* home, slope, note, hose, vote, joke, smoke, hope, choke
* move, gone, some (Oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 10: Long o Patterns
* rope, woke, close, stone, bone, hone, broke, hole, vote
* road, boat, soap, soak, moan, loaf, coach, load, toast
* blow, grow, know, slow, throw, snow, low, bow, flow
* now, cow (Odd ball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 11: Short/Long u
* bun, fuss, luck, lump, trust, plum, crust
* June, cute, rule, tube, tune, huge, cube
* blue, glue, clue, due, true
* truth (Oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 12: Long u Patterns
* rude, crude, flute, mule, fume, chute, dune, use
* fruit, suit, juice, bruise, cruise
* new, chew, drew, knew, stew, few, dew, brew
* fuel, build (oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 13:  Less Common Long a
* hay, tray, stray, pray, sway, play
* prey, they, obey, hey
* eight, weigh, vein, veil, freight, sleigh, neigh
* break, great, steak

Word Sort 14: R-influenced a
* car, star, bark, card, far, dark, arm, start
* care, share, bare, mare, rare, scare, hare
* chair, pair, hair, air
* bear (oddball word with Schwa sound)

Word Sort 15: Less Common Long e
* greed, speech, greet, creek, fleet, geese, cheese
* chief, field, brief, grief, shriek,piece, thief, niece
* these, scene, theme, eve
* vein, friend, seize (oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 16: r-Influenced e
* her, fern, germ, jerk, herb, heard, perch
* near, clear, dear, year, spear, beard
* cheer, deer, sneer, queer, peer
* bear, pear, wear, swear
* heart (oddball word with Schwa sound)

Word Sort 17: Long i Patterns
* kite, bride, write, spice, hide, wipe, mice
* might, night, right, bright, light, tight, sight
* mind, wild, kind, blind, find, child, mild, grind

Word Sort 18: r-Blends/r-Influenced i
* grin bring, drip, grill, trick, drink, brick, crib
* third, shirt, dirt, bird, skirt, girl
* hire, tire, fire, wire, tired

Word Sort 19: Ambiguous/Long o
* soft, moth, cost, cross, cloth, lost, toss, frost, long
* roll, cold, stroll, mold, scold, fold, told, folk
* ghost, most, host, post
* son, from (oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 20: r-Influenced o
* for, born, short, porch, storm, north, fort, torch
* more, store, chore, tore, shore, score, wore, swore
* door, poor, floor
* your (oddball word with Schwa sound)

Word Sort 21: Other Long u
* gloom, bloom, roost, smooth, scoop, school, mood, pool
* new, grew, crew, flew, blew, stew, dew, knew
* who, to, too, two

Word Sort 22: r-Influenced u
* hurt, turn, church, burst, curl, purr, purse
* cure, pure, sure, lure
* heard, learn, earn, pearl, yearn, earth, search

Word Sort 23: r-Blends/Vowels
* grill, trap, crush, fry, price, track, brag, drip, frog
* girl, tarp, curl, first, purse, dark, bark, dirt, fort

Word Sort 24:  r-Influenced Vowels
* car, shark, farm, hard, card, yard, scar, march
* her, first, bird, burn, word, worm, world, dirt, jerk
* for, short, corn, horn, scorn, torn

Word Sort 25: ck, k, ke
* lick, lack, tack, snack, stuck, stick, whack
* leak, seek, soak, sleek, weak, week, croak
* like, lake, take, snake, sake, strike, wake

Word Sort 26: CVCe Sorts across Vowels
* cave, crane, taste, stage, trade, waste
* drive, while, smile, twice, crime, guide
* drove, those, throne, phone, wrote, quote
* huge, fume, prune, chute, flute, mule

Word Sort 27: CVVC across Vowels
* road, boast, coach, groan, throat, toast, roast
* team, stream, sweet, queen, peach, thief, peace
* rain, strain, claim, waist, faith, praise, strain, trail
* board, great (oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 28: Diphthongs
* toy, boy, joy
* coin, foil, boil, spoil, noise, point
* town, clown, brown, gown, frown, howl
* sound, mouth, scout, round, couch, loud

Word Sort 29: More Diphthongs
* row, snow, blown, flown, grown, thrown
* owl, growl, drown, crown, plow, fowl, prowl
* out, found, shout, cloud, south, foul, doubt

Word Sort 30: Ambiguous Vowels
* salt, bald, chalk, stall, false, small, walk
* hawk, draw, lawn, raw, crawl, claw, paw
* fault, caught, cause, taught, sauce, haul, pause
* fought, ought (Oddball words with Schwa sounds)

Word Sort 31: Words Spelled with w
* watch, swamp, swan, wand, swat, wash
* war, warn warm, dwarf, swarm, wart
* wrap, wreck, write, wrist, wren, wrong

Word Sort 32:  Complex Consonants
* scram, scrape, scratch, screech, screw, screen, scrap
* straight, strange, stretch, strict, string, strong
* shrank, shrink, shred, shrink, shriek, schrimp
* square, squawk, squint, squash, squeeze, squirt

Word Sort 33: tch and ch
* catch, witch, patch, fetch, hutch, itch, switch, ditch, latch
* reach, coach, peach, roach, screech, beach, pouch

Word Sort 34: dge and ge
* badge, ridge, edge, fudge, bride, judge, hedge, lodge
* page, sage, huge, rage, cage

Word Sort 35: Hard and Soft c and g across Vowels
* cave, camp, cast, gave, gain, gasp
* coat, coast, cost, gold, golf, goof
* cute, cup, cue, gum, gush
* cent, cell, cease, gem, germ
* cyst, gym

Word Sort 36: ce, ge, ve, se
* dance, chance, prince, fence, since, voice, juice
* charge, large, wedge, dodge, ridge, edge, change,
* glove, give, curve, shove, live, above, have
* cheese, please, tease, loose, choose

Word Sort 37: What Lives in Water?
* Yes... frog, fish, whale, sea turtle, clam crab
* No... toad, lizard, zebra, tortoise, elephant, horse

Word Sort 38: Edible Plants
* Grain... wheat, oats, rice, rye, barley
* Fruit... apples, peaches, berries, pears, bananas, oragnes
* Vegetables... carrots, beans, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, beets

Word Sort 39: Animal Attributes
* Fish... scale, eggs, gills, heart, no legs, fins
* Bird... feather, eggs, lungs, heart, two legs, wings
* Mammal... hair, born alive, lungs, heart, legs

Word Sort 40: States
* East... Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware
* West... California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona
* North... Maine, Vermont, new York

Word Sort 41: Geometry Terms
* Shapes... triangle, rhombus, square, rectangle, parallelogram, isosceles triangle
* Lines: ray, angle, line, right angle, obtuse angle
* Measurements... perimeter, degrees, diameter, circumference, area, radius