Triangle Sandwich.pngEveryday when you walk the halls around breakfast and lunch time, you smell the yummy food they are preparing for the day.  We have an amazing staff that works very hard to make sure all students have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  Listed below are kitchen staff who make all this happen everyday.  Please feel free to stop by and tell them what a great job they are doing.  They too are very helpful answering questions about the menu, lunch prices, ingredients in the food, etc.

Adriana Sykes is Snake River's Kitchen Supervisor.  Adriana has been working for Nampa School District for 7 plus years.  She loves serving in the cafeteria and seeing the students smiles every day.

Denise Ghering is Snake River's cashier.  She has been working for Nampa Schools for 6 plus years.  You will see her daily smiling at the children and making them feel special as they walk through the line.

Vickie Kuhns is the lead on production.  She has been working for the school district for 13 year.

Laura Ramos is in the production department.  She has been in the Nampa School District for 7 years.

All these wonderful ladies work together so that Snake River cafeteria offers healthy fresh fruit and vegetable snacks 3 times a week.  It is a way to introduce the students to a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to help promote healthy eating.  Students love to share information about the healthy snacks they get to eat.

You can join your child/children for special meal events such as Thanksgiving Dinner on November 21st.  You can call ahead and order your lunch and then come eat with your family.

Parents can go on line and sign up to get your monthly breakfast and lunch menu on your personal email.  Pleas go to  

Click the link to our nutrition page and learn about different ways to help you kids stay healthy.

Parents, please feel free to check our super kids nutrition monthly newsletter too.