Rules & Expectations
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Expectations:  Helping ourselves and others succeed with...

L- Live a daily life using my virtues.
O- Openly show love and kindness to others and myself.
V- Vigorously excel with a positive attitude and expect success.
E- Enjoy the safe surroundings I helped create.

Rules: What we agree on to make the system work for everyone...

R- Ready to participate on time with all your materials organized.
U- Use equipment and supplies properly and safely.
L- Leave and keep work and play areas orderly.
E- Each day follow school rules while attending school.
S- Stay on task during instructional activities and transitions (following directions).

When we use our Virtues in class, we are a true CHAMP!

C- Conversation:  We know to talk and listen to others.
H- Help:  We know how to ask for help.
A- Activity:  We know if we are working by ourselves/buddies/groups or the class.
M- Movement:  We know where we can go in the room during the activity.
P- Participation:  We know if we should be listen, talking, reading, writing, etc.
S- Success:  We know if we do all the above, we will have success!

Examples of possible consequences and rewards for choices made at school.

Rewards:  free time, praise, stickers, special activities, etc.
Consequences:  warning; owe time at recess; loss of a privilege, parents contacted, conference, refocus forms, personal behavior plans, removal from class